About Us
The Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association (PenSPRA) was chartered in 1969 and is an organization of school public relations professionals whose goal is to improve educational communication and support student achievement through systematic, proactive, and responsible public relations programs. 

Members are highly respected regional, state, and national leaders committed to quality public relations for schools.
PenSPRA provides a forum for the professional development of its members and is a valuable network and support organization. Communication and school issue workshops, seminars, and special programs are conducted throughout the state and in conjunction with the National School Public Relations Association, Pennsylvania School Boards Association, and
the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials.
PenSPRA members readily share information connected to areas in which they have had extensive professional experiences to:
  • Build Community Support
  • Utilize Volunteers
  • Promote Media Relations
  • Create School Web Sites
  • Research and Write Grant Proposals
  • Establish Educational Foundations
  • Strengthen Partnerships: Business; Community; Alumni; Senior Adults; Universities, Colleges
  • Develop Safety and Crisis Communication Plans
  • Coordinate Staff and Student Recognition Programs
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