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CURRENT Issue: September 9, 2014 — Volume 10, #1

In this Issue:

1. President’s Welcome
2. Job opportunities
3. Back to school by the numbers
4. Virus spreading
5. Western region workshop 
6. Twitter and FB
7. News from around the state and nation
President’s Welcome
By the time this message reaches you, the 2014-2015 school year should be in full swing. I hope the summer provided you with some much-needed time to not only rest and relax, but to also utilize the “down” time from the barrage of phone calls and emails that occupy your days when school is in session, to either catch up on some projects that got pushed to the side during the hustle of the 2013-2014 school year, or to spend some quiet, quality time really thinking about new initiatives you would like to embark upon this year.
One thing about our jobs as school communicators that I really like is that the job never really gets old. Yes, there are the annual projects that we must do, but there’s always something new—whether it be a new issue or a new way to communicate—our jobs continually keep us on our toes and our brains working to keep everything straight! Plus, it’s always exciting to put a new spin on an old, tried and true idea.
My father once told me that it doesn’t matter what you do in life, as long as you are happy to get out of bed every day when your alarm clock goes off. Dad was right. I feel blessed to be doing what I do and I hope you feel that same sense of purpose as well.
I also feel blessed to be a member of PenSPRA, because there is so much we can learn from one another, and the level of sharing and caring among our members is amazing! Remember, PenSPRA is here for you whenever you need us! If there is something you feel that PenSPRA needs to address (such as symposium and region meeting topics, or anything else that’s important to you) please feel free to contact me or anybody on the Executive Board. We look forward to hearing from you.
We also look forward to seeing you this year at our regional programs and our 2015 symposium! The more you get involved, the more valuable your PenSPRA membership becomes.
I hope the 2014-2015 school year is your best year yet!
Vicki Flotta
PenSPRA President
Job Opportunities
There are currently three job opportunities posted on the PenSPRA website; North Penn SD Advertising and Marketing Specialist, Bethlehem Area Education Founation Executive Director and Moon Area SD School/Community Relations and Grants Coordinator. We e-mailed information on the postings to members as soon as it was made available to us. The application deadlines for these postings are soon, but they are still available.
Back to school by the numbers
This report is always a fun source of information to keep handy; it contains loads of data about schools and districts across the nation.
Virus spreading
A virus called the enterovirus, which has symptoms similar to that of a cold, is making children quite sick around the country. The virus also produces a wheezing cough which can cause breathing difficulties, particularly for children with Asthma. The virus spreads easily in public places like schools. Many children have been hospitalized due to the virus. It’s good to be aware in case questions arise from parents. The virus has been featured in many national news stories. More information here and here
Western Region Workshop 
Please join us for this year's first PenSPRA West/AIU PR Role-Alike meeting on Fri., Sept. 26 at 12:30 p.m.  Award-winning journalists Susan Morgans and Laura Pace Lilley of Mt. Lebanon Magazine will discuss how public relations officers can sharpen their pitches to the media, pump up press releases to garner better media coverage. They will also provide participants tips for writing for the web and social media. These seasoned journalists have extensive backgrounds in writing feature and breaking-news articles. Both are Golden Quill winners.
Lunch will be provided at the session, which will be held at the AIU Central Office, which is located at 475 East Waterfront Drive in Homestead. Please RSVP to Sarah McCluan at Sarah.McCluan@aiu3.net by Sept. 24, 2014.
Twitter and Facebook
PenSPRA is on Twitter and FB! Make sure to follow us at penspra1 and like us on FB to keep up with news and information between e-comm Alerts.
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News from around the state and nation
This article is long, but it is an extremely informative look at the link between standardized testing, book manufacturers and test makers.



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