Changes ahead for the SPP

Over the past year PDE has worked with hundreds of stakeholders to redefine the emphasis of the SPP, the School Performance Profile. The goal was to reduce the emphasis of the SPP on standardized test scores by including other measures as well. A summary of this work from PDE is here, and here is a snapshot of the changes.

The revised SPP will
  • Balance out the unequal weight of content areas in the current SPP

  • Increase the weight of rigorous courses like AP, IB and dual enrollment

  • Permit schools to use local assessments for reading in grade 3 and math in grade 7 in order to provide another way to measure progress

  • Grant extra credit to schools that graduate students with high value industry recognized credentials

  • Increase the weight of value-added measures, which show improvement over time

  • Measure the acquisition of language for ESL students

  • Reward career awareness instruction

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